About Me

I always hated that moment at the beginning of a new class when you are asked to introduce yourself to the group.  Luckily by the time I was working on my third degree that custom was out the window because everyone was too overwhelmed with coursework and careers and families that they didn’t care to know anything about their classmates.  So here I go again, and it’s just as difficult now as it was then.

I am a wife and mother of one adorable daughter who never has enough sleep.

I am a school librarian by day, superhero by night. (Except neither of those things involves a cool wardrobe in my case!)

I am a daughter. My parents retired and moved here to be close to their adorable grandchild, which is handy as I help them through the various and assorted health issues that generally appear about the time retirement comes along.

I am a friend, although I am not as good a friend as I would like to be.

I am “more than just a good Bible study girl” (thank you Lysa TerKeurst for that phrase), although more often that not I will tell a story and get the whole conversation off track and set our study back a week on the schedule.

I am a constant whirlwind… a bumbling, stumbling person just trying to fumble my way through homemaking and parenting without inflicting any major damage on the people I love and hopefully enriching their lives in some small ways.  I make mistakes, I sometimes get things right, but I just try to do my best everyday.

I am forever fighting my natural curl.

I preach about the importance of sunscreen.

I am constantly trying to lose twenty pounds. (Shut up.  It’s easier to just say twenty than fess up to how many I actually need to lose!)

I cannot resist a monogram, on anything and everything.

I make a concerted effort to get my family gathered around the table for family breakfast and get to church ON TIME every Sunday.

I’m living my life.

This blog is an outlet for my thoughts and musings about life, living, and the pursuit of happiness.

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