Trying to be quiet…

Quiet is not easy for me. No one who has ever met me would describe me as quiet. There is nothing about me that is quiet- nothing about my personality, my appearance, my demeanor. I am that loud library lady with the wild red hair.

In this season of Lent I have been trying to be quiet. The most wonderful message came to me in a [in]courage devotion written by Bonnie Gray the day before Lent began. You can read it here, and if you don’t subscribe to [in]courage I encourage you to sign up while you are there. (See what I did there? Love a good wordplay!)

In order to listen I need to be quiet. To hear what it is that God wants me to hear, I need to be quiet. To know what the next right step is, I need to be quiet.

Quiet is not easy for me. I want to complain loudly about circumstances of the day. I want to wonder aloud about the possibilities of the future. I want to wish, hope, dream, gripe, whine, commiserate with a friend, sing over the radio, say all the things. We are all busy. We are all hurrying all over the place, rushing all the time. We are all checking our planners and phone calendars wondering when we will fit it all in. I am hopelessly devoted to my planner but I am making it a goal to set it aside each day for just a few minutes in the morning so that I can just be quiet.  Being still, writing in my journal, listening to God.

It is because it is not easy that I am trying so hard. In the quiet I can listen to that still small voice that is leading me. I am not sure yet where I am being led, but I know that I am trying very hard to be quiet.

Do you find it difficult to be quiet and hear what God has to tell you?  How do you still your busy mind and be open to His messages meant just for you?