Hello from the other side

it’s me.
I was wondering if after all these years
you’d like to meet,
to go over

Opening with Adele lyrics seems like a good way to get back in the swing of things simply because she makes me smile. She is so amazing that any chance to include her in daily life just makes the world brighter. Seriously, have you SEEN her with James Corden doing carpool karaoke? If you haven’t we can no longer be friends. Go watch it here and come back.

Now that you have seen Adele and love her even more, let’s discuss why I think it’s fitting to use her lyrics in my first blog post in over three years.   More than three years have gone by since I wrote something specifically to share in this space. A lot of water has gone under the bridge. For example:

  • My baby girl is no longer a baby but instead a busy first grader.
  • My handsome husband has been through a crazy health scare.
  • We lost my sweet 93 year old Granny a week before Christmas.
  • I have lost (and then found again) more pounds than I care to admit.
  • I tried and loved a Crossfit style gym, then had surgery to repair the hernia that resulted from loving the new Crossfit style gym.

That’s just a random sample. Basically a whole lot of “life happens” type things have happened in the last three years. Yet even though I feel like so much has happened and we are so much farther down the road than we were three years ago, when I read back through my old posts I had to laugh. The topics I posted about are STILL so relevant to our daily lives that it makes me laugh.   Such as:

  • Powerball EVERYWHERE. Seriously the last post I wrote in 2012 was about the Powerball frenzy. We as a nation have been locked in Powerball Mania for over a week because the record breaking prize just kept climbing because no one won! The conversations Mike and I had about Powerball were almost verbatim what I wrote three years ago, which cracks me up
  • My giant Christmas tree made another appearance this year and once again she was STUNNING. I have lovingly named her Big Bertha, and I really enjoy laying on the couch basking in the soft glow of her many twinkling lights. Little A’s doggy Layla enjoyed Big Bertha this year as well, being her first Christmas with a home and family. I could not keep the tree skirt straight because she kept going under the tree to lie down, which even Mike had to admit was pretty darn cute!layla 3
  • Discipline and dance. Two words that sum up our parenting experience quite well I think. We are still parenting, as opposed to letting our daughter become a feral animal with no manners. (Please know that is a joke!) As she gets older this is getting more complicated and yet easier at the same time, which sounds strange when I say it but that’s just how it is. They grow and mature and change and the discipline isn’t about the same things, it’s about whole new things you hadn’t even thought of yet. Dance is still Little A’s favorite thing to do. We now spend two evenings a week at the dance studio, which I think is nuts and she thinks is not nearly enough. She has changed to a studio that has a focus on musical theater which we adores (she has been in two plays after all) and we will probably be going to see her perform on Broadway someday!


I am sure there are other things but you get the point. Everything has changed but so much has stayed the same. Things have happened that made our whole world tilt on its axis, yet we are still standing upright. There have been times when I have wanted to throw my hands up in the air and freak out (I may have actually done that a time or twenty). Yet right there in the panic, right in the sadness, right in the “holy cow what in the world are we going to do now” moments, there are these magically SAME things. Familiar. Safe. Anchoring. Same, similar, and alike enough that I am forced to slow down and think. No matter how much has happened even three years down the road, there is so much comforting sameness that I am reminded that we are not in control. Everybody has a life verse, and mine is:

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11 NASB

This verse is framed and hangs on our bedroom wall so that I can see it everyday. The sameness gives me comfort that there are plans for our future. Even in the next three years down the line I imagine that I will be still be looking to this verse for comfort and grounding. What a blessing that sameness is to me! Is there a verse that you have adopted as your life verse? I would love for you to share why you love it and how it comforts you, and I look forward to reading your comments.