Why I will never shop at Wal Mart again

So I made this my facebook status last week.  This was all that I could manage between sobs and screams.  
“Yes- that was me that set off the sensor as I pushed my buggy out the front door of WalMart today. Yes- that was me that had my bags & receipt checked. Yes- that was me that emptied my purse & pockets when asked, even took off my cardigan so the camera could see I was in possession of NOTHING I had not paid for-all while standing there in the doorway being gawked at. Yes- when I asked for a manager they brought over a lady (NOT the manager) who inspected it all and asked if I got my (recently purchased) purse there, and NO- it’s a Coach so it isn’t from WM. She finally decided after this whole embarrassing 10 minute ordeal that it must be my purse, and YES- she walked away without even so much as an apology. So to my students, neighbors, and church friends who walked by and saw the whole thing…the moral of the story is- YES you should shop at Target!!!!!
Long story made very short, I have sworn off the evil conglomerate that is Wal-Mart.  I am horrified, embarrassed, chagrined.  Fortunately the manager of our store’s wife works with me so he was quickly made aware of this event, and I have been assured that this was NOT how this should have happened.  I am still awaiting my corporate apology, though.
Sad thing is, they will never notice that my family will not longer be patrons of their stores.  They are so large that my little family doesn’t make a ripple in the water.
If you need me, I will be at Target or Publix.   With my trouble causing Coach bag.

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