Just say no to those Halloween costumes and other musings

I had a conversation with a good friend the other day about a Halloween party we have been invited to.  I am really hoping that I feel up to going to this party.  She is trying to think of a way to get out of it.  Why?  The costume factor.  That’s right.  As kids we all loved Halloween.  The costumes, the candy, the parties.  As adults in some ways it becomes a huge pain in the butt.  Why?  The costume factor.

Here in ClarksVegas we have something that shows up every year in the early fall (not really- it arrives in late August but who’s counting) that marks the beginning of the Halloween season. Rising from the gravel field across from the Target and adjacent to the mall parking lot, the huge orange inflatable structure rises out of the dust.  This year it even had a big sign that said “NOW WITH AIR CONDITIONING”.   It is commonly called “the big pumpkin”, but the official name is Halloween Express.  I have seen inflatable kids toys, but this is the first inflatable business I have ever seen.  The structure itself causes many mothers to lose their minds because our children insist on driving by the stupid thing every single time we are on that side of town!  Kids love looking at it, parents want to drive their SUVs into the side of it.  But I digress.

Little A has never been into the big pumpkin.  Aside from the fact that I can go hog wild buying her costumes on that little site that has everything (LOVE me some eBay!), Handsome Hubby and I went a few years ago and I knew immediately that Little A won’t be going in for a long, long time.  The scary stuff abounds, plus it was hot as hades in there (plastic building,  no ventilation, August heat in TN, sun beating down, you can imagine).  Things hanging from the ceiling, spooky music, it is just not a toddler scene.  Plus……the costume packages and mannequins.  These are extra special.

I must have missed the memo that said Halloween is an excuse for all people with XX chromosomes to dress as slutty as possible.  Maybe it went to my spam folder.  Or Barracuda stopped it.  Or the voice of my Momma in my head telling me not to let me not to show my tail to the world deleted it.  For whatever reason I just missed it.  I recall in college dressing up, and we were all cutesy and funny.  Not “hoochie”.  But then there was a long span where I was getting degrees and getting married and having a baby that I just sorta skipped Halloween. So maybe that’s where I was when the memo came around.  ANYWAY…the theme of Halloween for all females (regardless of age) seems to be on the extreme side of pushing the envelope.  The displays and the costume packages show how short, tight, corseted, low cut, and generally revealing the costumes for sale are.  Do not get me started on the area in the back of the store where the “dressing rooms” are.  You might accidentally see something that is not meant to be seen by the general public.  You just can’t unsee things.

Handsome Hubby and I attended a party two years ago which I admit was the first Halloween party either of us had attended in nearly a decade.  We went to the big pumpkin shopping, which is where I learned how behind the times I am.  We settled on a gangster & flapper girl combination, mainly because I managed to find a flapper girl dress that I could wear a bra with and tights as well  so I wouldn’t feel totally exposed.  Trust me it was the least offensive of the options.  This was a neighborhood party and I didn’t care to show all the goods to the neighbors thankyouverymuch.  I had a one year old baby, and wasn’t exactly feeling my most body confident if you know what I mean.  It’s a family event people, gotta keep things covered!  Last year Hubby and I bought new costumes but didn’t get to wear them sadly.  I went for the funny and not the revealing, and I think we will wear them this year.  We are going to be the Spartan cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live.  (I will wear legging under the skirt, FYI.) Perfectly safe, no danger of flashing cleavage at anyone.

Back to the upcoming party and my friend.  She is seriously trying to ditch the party and leave town rather than

A) braving the big pumpkin to see if their new AC has broken the oppressive heat

B) face co-workers and friends dressed like extras from a late night movie on Cinemax,

C) searching for a costume that will cover all her major flaws and private areas while still seeming cool and not dowdy in the least.

This is a serious problem.  Especially since these more revealing style outfits are now being marketed to teens, preteens, and KIDS!  Several of my favorite blogs have articles about this very topic recently, complete with pictures of the costumes now available.  Check out what Jenny has to say about it here on Mommin’ It Up.  For another view check out what Jamie has to say about it here on Blonde Mom Blog about cherishing the princess years (man I am dreading the zombie years!).  For even more check out Brigette Raes, Style Expert’s thoughts from last halloween.

I know I only have a few more years where I will get to be the final vote on Little A’s costume.  I did let her choose this year.  Yes both choices were girly and glittery, but she chose.  (She will be a monarch butterfly BTW.) I know that seeing other girls and women dressed in revealing costumes is going to remove some of the “shock factor” for her and make it normal.  I guess I will just have to talk louder so that I can be that voice in her head like my mom is in mine.


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