Hysterectomy, hairdos and having it all- part two

It’s hard to believe that eight days ago I had surgery.  I really do feel pretty good, for someone who had a major body part sucked out of a tiny incision beside my belly button.  I’m not really in pain anymore, just uncomfortable and tired. I have even “stepped down” from the pain medication I was taking to something that makes me slightly less like a foggy brained dope head. I seriously dislike how pain meds make me feel, in case you can’t tell.

I’m not up to doing all my Mommy duties, so handsome hubby is still in charge of all things parenting. Little A is adjusting pretty well, since he is trying to maintain our routines as much as possible. Only a few meltdowns since the surgery, so hopefully she has turned the corner on the tantrums. She has been really sweet about helping take care of Mommy. She wants to rub my tummy since that’s where the boo boos are. Problem is that since I’m sitting around in pajamas with no bra on, she winds up gently patting my chest instead of my belly. I have to hide my giggles because she doesn’t know any better and she’s just being so darn sweet. Fortunately my mom and hubby have been taking her to preschool everyday and her afternoon activities, so her schedule hasn’t been affected too much. I know, I know. Even in the face of medical maladies I will abide by this child’s schedule as if it is the word of God himself. Trust me life just goes better if we stick to the schedule. I swear it’s made her the exceptional child that she is- even if it has made me nuts!

My friends have shown their true Southern style and bombarded us with enough food to feed the entire state of Tennessee. And the food! Holy cow! Chicken and dumplings, vegetable soup, lasagna, meatloaf with all the trimmings, you name it they’ve brought it. No store bought fried chicken here! This is the real deal! Hubby is gonna be sad when he has to go back to my cooking I can tell. If I really had much of an appetite I would be gaining massive pounds with all this yummy stuff in the house. That’s another topic for another day though.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about things during this whole recovery. I know how blessed I am to be healthy. I’m blessed to have a husband who is willing to take it all on and just do what needs to be done so that I can get well. I’m blessed that my parents retired and moved to this area so they can help take care of Little A (and ME) through all this. I’m blessed that hubby is finally learning how to create a decent ponytail on Little A’s head- because my friends were joking before the surgery that if God forbid something happened to me one of them would have to be responsible for doing her hair everyday! They know I won’t send her out into the world looking all jacked up, and they love me enough to understand it AND volunteer to fix her hair forever if necessary. That’s friendship right there people! Dumplings and hairdos for your daughter- you can’t ask for more from a friend!

I’m so blessed in so many ways. More than I ever knew. Guess it took losing my uterus to help me see just how much!

2 thoughts on “Hysterectomy, hairdos and having it all- part two

  1. Synnove says:

    I’m glad you are feeling okay after everything. Maybe your hubs could give mine some pointers on girl hair in a few months. Having the boy first has NOT improved his girl hair skills….

    • mommyparadox says:

      Isn’t it funny how inept they can be when it comes to hair? My hubs is the most capable man I know, but he still gets flustered when faced with ponytail holders and bows and clippies. It must be an inborn thing for them!

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