Hysterectomy, hairdos, and having it all – Part One

I know I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing. I haven’t been able to keep up with posting frequently enough. But y’all…I’ve had some stuff going on. So forgive me for the few and far between and just go with me here, okay?
I had surgery on Monday. Three days ago. The only surgeries I’ve ever had in my life were a tonsillectomy at 4 and a C section three years ago. And now this. This surgery that kinda changed everything, or at least the way I look at everything. I have joked about getting my tummy tucked, getting my boobs lifted, getting all sorts of nips and tucks. This was not a “for fun” surgery though. Although hopefully the outcome will be positive, this was a tough one to decide on. In July I finally went back to my girlie Dr after a year of being mad at him because he didn’t believe me that the Mirena was making me sick (can you believe he didn’t even notice that I had been avoiding him? The nerve of that man!). Turns out I had fun fibroids and Dr recommended a hysterectomy. I just turned 36 years old. Only 36. That’s nuts, right? That’s what I thought…..until the second opinion Dr agreed. The medical community agreed that my uterus had served its country and was no longer fit for active duty. It should be relieved of duty effective immediately. This is big. (Not the uterus, the decision- but the uterus was big, too!) Cutting parts out of my body type big. But many sleepless nights later, I had a laprascopic supracervical hysterectomy. This is a big deal. There are lots of things this affects, and a lot of things it means for me. Right now it mainly means that I am managing to form coherent thoughts while under the influence of narcotics post surgery (which is pretty amazing actually) to be able to tell you about this. And that my Handsome Hubby is having to pull Daddy duty all by himself as well as being my nurse. My sweet baby girl has had some whacky Daddy hairdos this week for preschool, let me tell ya! There are a lot more posts to come about this. I now have a lot more random stuff in my brain to sort out. If you have experience with this, please feel free to help me along this journey because somebody is going to google this and maybe we can write something here that will help them. This could be epic! Especially when I’m not taking Vicodin!


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