Please don’t let this be our recital!

Dance recital fight

This weekend will be our first foray into the marathon of strength and endurance better known as dance recital.  Three nights, three performances, total show length of 4 hours, plus one night of rehearsals.  Four days, four hours, and only the strongest survive.  At least that’s what I hear.  Little A has only been taking dance for two years, and I decided not to participate last year (she was only 2!).  This year she asked, begged, pleaded, and cried.  I relented.  I paid large sums of money for recital costumes, more large sums of money for the new shoes and tights required, and even more large sums of money for tickets for all the grandparents (plus my ever patient husband) to attend the performances. (That’s right- we pay for lessons, and we get to pay for tickets to see the recital as well!)

I have been in the bunker with the other mothers planning our strategy.  We will be armed with portable DVD players, toys, stickers, coloring books, an assortment of juice boxes and snacks (only the type that won’t stain those high dollar costumes please) and more.  All of this in an effort to entertain our wiggling giggling gaggle of three year olds backstage.  Best I can figure they have two dances of approximately 1.5 minutes each.  That leaves us with 237 minutes to try and keep them quiet and occupied while they are not onstage.

I am willing to do all this, and suffer through this travesty because my daughter loves to dance.  She loves the costume, and she is giddy at the mere mention of recital. Of course that might be because she hasn’t done it yet.  But if we are going to go through this, we are going to do it all the way.  That’s why when I saw this post on Strollerderby today I got shivers up my spine.  Toddlers on stage dancing and then BOOM- two of them lose all track of what is going on and get into a fight.  No punches thrown of course, but certainly not the choreographed dance that the other kids are doing.  I feel badly for the ones on stage who were trying to do the actual dance.  I feel badly for the kids who got into the fight. And I feel badly for me because I am terrified that the same thing might happen onstage at Little A’s recital this weekend.  Check it out at the link, do you think my fears are justified?

Lord give us strength!


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